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The Wilderness was founded in 1980 to fill the needs of people who demanded durable, high-quality equipment: serious outdoorspeople, mountain climbers, search and rescue, law enforcement, and military operators. We are not just concerned with durability, we are downright stubborn about it.

Our products have been tested from the icy mountain peaks of South America to the blistering Sonoran desert; from the sandy shores of Middle Eastern beaches to the asphalt jungles of urban America. We are absolutely dedicated to making the strongest equipment of its type in the world. Every seam is multistitched and taped with nylon binding tape. We backstitch all starts and stops on stitch runs. All materials are of the highest quality available. We have gone to extremes to make our products as good or better than we claim them to be. Overkill never fails.


Tactical Slings from the Wilderness



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WARNING: Mishandling of firearms may cause serious injury or death. Before practicing with your Giles sling make sure your weapon is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Study how the sling attaches and how it will move when in use. If the sling interferes with the safe operation or handling of the weapon, discontinue use. For further safety considerations, consult the owner's manual of your weapon and seek professional assistance.

Giles Slings: Firearm AccessoriesDesigned for the real world, the Giles sling brings a whole new and useful meaning to the term "shooting sling ." Presently in use with several major law enforcement tactical units across the country, this sling is also gaining acceptance in military special operations and knowledgeable personal-defense circles. It has been highly acclaimed for its safety, simplicity and speed.

Like all Wilderness products, this sling is manufactured to exceptionally high standards of design and construction from the best materials available. We use 1.25" treated black nylon webbing (supports weight much better than 1" and won't cut skin like some rougher web grades) and black non-glare polymer hardware. As always, connections are multistitched and backstitched.

When worn properly for a right-handed operator, the webbing is over the top of the right shoulder and supporting the weight of the rifle. It passes around the back and under the left armpit to the forend of the gun where it is attached to the slider buckle. The webbing attached to the forend passes back through this slider, then passes through another at the rear stock attachment point before going up over the shoulder. When properly adjusted, the butt of the rifle should sit about just below the right shoulder at about mid-chest level. The butt of the weapon should rest naturally in the shoulder pocket when the weapon is brought up on target. When released, the rifle hangs vertically against the user's chest with the muzzle aimed straight, or slightly angled to, the ground. This allows you to use your hands without losing control or access to your primary weapon and makes operations such as transitioning to a secondary weapon, opening doors or checking a map (just to name a few) significantly easier.

"Giles Stock, SWAT cop and Gunsite instructor, has designed what is without a doubt the finest tactical sling ever…an improvement on the H&K Universal Sling."
— Gary Paul Johnston,
Contributing Editor, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine

"…what I personally feel is the best combat sling ever made…the Giles Sling,"

— Peter G. Kokalis, Technical Editor,
Soldier of Fortune magazine






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Arizona Gun Runners Firearms and Firearm Accessories

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