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Pachmayr Grips have been the standard for soft, real rubber grips since their inception in the early 1960's. Pachmayr Grip designs incorporate the best materials available. While other manufacturers select their materials for lowest cost or easiest fabrication, Pachmayr selects its materials for superiority in recoil reduction, feel and control, durability, and finish.

At Pachmayr, we do not attempt to make do with only one type or blend of rubber grip material. The various Pachmayr handgun grips listed in this catalog are made from a variety of materials.

There are four classes of Pachmayr grip materials. Each is a unique rubber blend specially formulated to best meet a particular shooting use or a particular shooter purpose. There's Decelerator for maximum recoil absorption; Slip-On, for ease of installation; a third specially formulated for semi-automatic pistol grips. All of which seperate Pachmayr from the rest of the industry as a innovator and industry leader.


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