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MWG originated in the early 1980's to develop and manufacture a high capacity magazine for the M-16 rifle. The magazine was to be uncomplicated and reliable. In 1988, MWG went in to production of the 90 rounder. With a solid customer base we began looking for products to be added to our product line. These products soon included: Mini-14 Magazines, 5 & 10 Round AR Magazines for .223 and 7.62, Case Savers, ACD's, and Muzzelite Stocks. In 1998 we became a stocking A.R.M.S. distributor. In the early 1990's MWG started working with and distributing scope rings and bases manufactured by Precision Reflex. Our combined line now includes: 1", 26mm, and 30mm Scope Rings in different heights and Bases for Remington, Winchester and Savage. We have recently added rings for the Aimpoint sight and bases for ITT Pocket Scopes along with special long distance bases for the Remington 700 long and short action. This relationship continues to grow and MWG and Precision Reflex have entered in to a contractual agreement to work on firearm related products. One of the results of this is a license to produce the A.R.M.S. #1 G-3 Mount and the A.R.M.S. #3 FN FAL Mount.

MWG prides itself on delivering high quality products in a timely manner. Satisfaction guarantees are included with all products sold.



A.R.M.S. Military Mounts


The Dovetail Rail Dimension Standard For Nearly 20 Years


A.R.M.S.,Inc. specializes in advancing the capabilities of small arms weapons in function, reliability and accuracy. A.R.M.S.,Inc. has mounting systems available for the M16/AR15, M16A3 Flat Top Receiver, M4, M21/14, and many more. We have mounts, rings, and adaptors to accommodate day optics, N.V., and lasers.


A.R.M.S. Repeat Zero Guarantee


Why the Repeat Zero Guarantee? The spring loaded cammed lever pulls in a downward orce when the lever is pushed inward, which does not disturb the windage (azimuth) normally encountered with thumbnuts, bolts, wrenches, and/or ratchet knobs, which only secure with cross force direction and varying non-repeat tension. Because the throw levers pull down instead of across, it means positive controlled attachment not found on any other system. No threads to strip, no cross threading, ratchet wear, over tightening, crushed or dented rails when using the A.R.M.S. spring loaded attachment. A.R.M.S.™ Throw Levers will not freeze or absorb sand and mud, like threaded and ratchet designs. The unique force of direction and constant repeat tension guarantee on and off repeatabilit


Mounting Solutions Plus Index



Arizona Gun Runners Firearms and Firearm Accessories


Arizona Gun Runners Firearms and Firearm Accessories

Arizona Gun Runners

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Fax: 928 476-3155 (AGR) is a Law Enforcement Wholesale Distributor of Tactical Equipment and Accessories. Arizona Gun Runners ships these products to the Military, Law Enforcement Departments and Individual Military and Law Enforcement Officers throughout the US and the World. Police, Military, Fire Departments and all Public Safety Agencies -- Federal, City, Town, County and State Agencies are also served.



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