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MWG Anti CANT DeviceInventor/shooter Dave Beisner has taken a tool common to any homeowner's workbench and incorporated it in an inexpensive scope accessory for match and field shooting. An idea that can be traced back to the late 1800's and the English-made Creedmore match rifle. The patented ACD (Anti-CANT Device) is a simple spirit level mounted in an aircraft-quality, two-piece aluminum scope ring that mounts in minutes without special tools. Properly mounted, the ACD allows the shooter to visualize and make adjustments for CANT, which experienced shooters recognize as rotation of a scope's crosshairs off a true vertical/horizontal plane. According to the Marine Corps Sniper Manual, compensating for CANT is critical to accurate long-distance shooting: At 1000 yards, 6 degrees of CANT (visualized as 1 minute on the face of a wristwatch) moves the bullet strike 55 inches from point of aim. Weekend shooters who find varmints a challenge at several hundred yards are no less immune to CANT: 6 degrees of CANT at 100 yards gives the critters a new lease on life by a full inch. Installed on a properly mounted rifle or pistol scope, the ACD uniquely equips the shooter to visualize and eliminate CANT with 100 percent certainty, 100 percent of the time.




*The ACD has two potential mounting positions. Position (A) mounts its forward and pointing down so it can be observed by the non-sighting eye. Position (B) mounts it near the eye piece and you can easily observe this through the sighting eye with very little head movement.


The Effects of CANT


Load Data: 165gr boattail bullet at a muzzle velocity of 2700 fps



Distance: 600 yards Bullet Drop 130"

Distance: 1000 yards Bullet Drop 535"

Degrees of Cant: 1 2 3 4 5

Degrees of Cant: 1 2 3 4 5

Distance from Zero: 2.3" 4.5" 6.7" 9.0" 11.0"

Distance from Zero: 9.0" 18.0" 27.0"37.0" 47.0"



The ACD is typically mounted to the body of the scope between the eyepiece and the rear scope ring, or in any position where it can be visualized by the non-sighting eye. Many shooters report success rotating he ACD ring so the level is suspended under the scope. Alignment is made using a known perpendicular reference. With the ACD in place, the shooter relies on his non-sighting eye to visualize CANT and compensates by locating the bubble in relation to the level's reference lines. Shooting success is then a simple matter of patience and good technique.


Understanding the ACD


The ACD is a remarkably effective but simple and inexpensive means to improve shooters' accuracy. It consists entirely of a simple carpenter grade bubble level mounted securely in one half of a 2-pc. anodized aluminum scope ring. The ACD is a lightweight oz. And, properly installed, will not shift under recoil. It is extremely durable under regular use in matches and the filed, and has no moving parts that might wear or shift. No special tools, tiny fingers or brute strength required for installation. Special features are listed below:


  • Eliminates 100%CANT
  • Attaches in minutes without special tools
  • No modification to scope or rifle required
  • Works equally well on pistols or rifles
  • Comes with complete instructions for use
  • Weighs less than ounce
  • Accurate to within 1/8 of a degree
  • Stands up to the heaviest recoil
  • Matches finish on most scopes
  • An absolute must for consistent accuracy
  • MWG uses only the highest quality materials in the ACD
  • The ACD is manufactured and assembled in the USA


Endorsers of the ACD

The ACD has been endorsed by many shooters who have made shooting history by setting long distance and other world records such as:

Frank Weber, Skip Talbot, Bob White and Vern Harrison


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